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2022 Formula One Season

The New Formula One Season

From what has been revealed to us in the past few weeks, this Formula One season is shaping up to be one filled with tense excitement. The start of the season is always an exciting time. It's when we get to see what the Formula one teams have been up to behind the scenes

The Cars

One of the first changes many of us will notice is the alterations made to the vehicles. The pre-season races in Barcelona let us have a look at some of the modifications made to the cars. Most notably, the curves and ripples added to the floor of the cars. These ripples are all about manipulating the airflow around the cars. Creating and downwards push of air over the cars. This allows for better grip on the tyres to make those tight turns and reduce drag.

Mercades especially has taken this modification in full stride. Creating a series of small ripples that has dramatically increased the performance of the cars in the pre-season races. Despite a few set-backs, it is clear that the Mercedes cars are going to be ones to watch out for this season. So much so that Lando Norris himself has already expressed his excitement for this new generation of cars and how their performance will be on the track

The Tracks

As for changes in the tracks this season, the brand new Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia has undergone some minor changes due to complaints from the drivers. These complaints mainly consisted of the amount of blind corners on this high speed street track. Causing concerns over the driver’s safety. A number of changes to the track have been made to improve the sightlines. Moving back barriers on the blind corners; as well as widening the track in certain areas gives the drives better visibility from the cockpit. After the 2 red flags last December during the race due to collisions, the Saudi Motorsport Company (SMC) has taken great precautions to create a safer track for the drivers.

As always, we are excited to watch the races and drivers as they travel the world throughout this season and witness how this new generation of cars impacts the standings.

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