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Bahrain International Circuit Grand Prix

Bahrain International Circuit

Built in the heart of the Sakhir Desert, the Bahrain International Circuit is one of the many great attractions of the small island of Bahrain. Scheduled to kick off this years F1 season, the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix is sure to be one to blow us all away. As the first race of the year it showcases the spectacular new generation of F1 cars.

Often called ‘The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East’ the Bahrain International Circuit has created new opportunities for the island. Since opening in April 2004 businesses have thrived on the Motorsport attraction. Whilst providing the most thrilling and atmospheric races in the season it has gained it international recognition.

The Track

The Bahrain International Circuit made history for its build time, taking just 18 months to complete. Designed by legendary German architect Hermann Tilk. The circuit is filled with exciting twists and turns as well as incorporating features of the local culture.

The ultramodern circuit boasts 5 circuit FIA certified track layouts suitable for a range of different motorsports. That’s more than anywhere else in the world!

As a track, it has proven to be one of the most challenging for many of the drivers. Having to constantly contend with the wind, desert sand and fluctuating temperatures; the drivers really have it cut out for them. However, on top of weather conditions, the twists and turns of the circuit are tasking both mentally and physically. Notably the most challenging point of the circuit is the fast-paced, downhill left-hander at Turn 10 that will leave us all at the edge of our seats.


Like many of the races in the 2004 F1 season, the first ever race at the Bahrain International Circuit was dominated by Michael Schumacher. With the fastest lap title currently held by Pedro de la Rosa (2005).

As always, we are excited to see the race this Sunday! We can't wait to see the new-gen cars in action and witness the tense moments throughout the race!

If you love Artwork by F1 artist Kevin McNicholas why not watch his interview with Alfie Joey... Watch Here!

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