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Happy Birthday Schumacher

Icon racing legend Michael Schumacher celebrates his 53rd birthday today on the 3rd January 2022 and we celebrate with him and all the miraculous achievements he has accomplished in his life, both during his racing career and personal life.

Michael’s grand legacy in the racing world has made him one of the most decorated and memorable drivers in F1 history. A small snippet of his achievements include being the first racing driver to win the Golden Steering Wheel in 1993, titled the Autosport International Racing Driver of the Year in 1995 as well as in 2000 to 2002. Although some of his F1 records have now been beaten by Hamilton, Schumacher still holds his records for 77 fastest laps.

Rainman by Kevin McNicholas

Outside of F1 racing, Schumacher has used his fame to support and raise awareness of many great causes around the world, building schools and providing much needed aid for charities and foundations.

From all of us at F1 Paintings we would like to wish Michael Schumacher a very happy birthday!

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