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Intercity Istanbul Park, Turkey Formula One Grand Prix

After a nine year absence, the Intercity Istanbul Park circuit has returned to Formula 1 met with excitement and nerves after the bumpy ride from our favourite drivers. The 5.338 km (3.3 mile) long track has been called the ‘best track in the world’ by former Chief Executive, Bernie Ecclestone, and was even designed by renowned circuit architect Hermann Tike, designer of many well loved circuits such as the A1/ Red Bull Ring Circuit in Austria and the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore.

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The Intercity Istanbul Park circuit has built up a reputation with both fans and drivers, however mixed opinions have been shared about the track. Similarly to the old Nürburging track in Nürburg, Germany, the Istanbul circuit features a fast 4 apex corner on turn 8 which although it has been the cause of much tyre wear for the cars, has also been the inspiration for many of Hermann Tike’s newer circuit designs. This turn in particular was compared to ‘legendary’ corners on other motor circuits such as the ‘Eau Rouge’ at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Slavelot, Belgium.

Even at the start of the circuit the drivers face an incredibly strenuous road ahead both for the driver and their high speed cars where they face a sharp down hill left hander turn. Nicknamed the ‘Turkish Corkscrew’ this first turn of this track has been the scene of multiple incidents for divers of multiple incidents.

Despite the raving reviews of the circuit it is not without its critics as Jeson Button had complained about the infamous Turn 8 and its increasingly bumpy terrain causing many drivers to spin off.

For the 2021 Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Intercity Istanbul Park circuit has been reintroduced in replacement for the Singapore Grand Prix which unfortunately had to be cancelled, however this does mean we get to see the exciting return of this impressive track.

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